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PINNK Vol. II, Issue I

“Yaama! My name is Shaneiva and I am a proud Gamilaroi woman with origins from Coonabarabran. For me, being an Indigenous woman means to continue the legacy of our ancestors and making sure our voices are heard and valued.”

Model and artist Shaneiva Chatfield was shot on film by Aaron VIII, on Gadigal Country, painting an artwork wearing Leo & Lin and Jon et Claude, styled by fashion editor Emma Cotterill. Beauty editor Tracy Terashima brings her trademark subtle touch to the skin, with hair by Lachlan Wignall. In conversation Shaneiva talks the roots of her art, her experiences as a model and her thoughts on how the fashion industry in Australia can be more genuinely inclusive.

PINNK Magazine’s newest release is a reinvention of sorts, with a post-pandemic rebrand and an expanded vision from our new editorial team.

Entitled NGURRUGU: A Story for Tomorrow, issue three’s title was granted by cover model and artist Shaneiva Chatfield, from her people’s traditional Gamilaroi language. It’s been a challenging time for creatives worldwide, and ongoing concerns with the COVID pandemic disrupting workflow and motivation for many. We loved this poignant title looking toward the end of the pandemic and the world opening up IRL again. After a relatively stagnant couple of years, we are all soul-searching, trying to rediscover or harness our inspiration, dreaming of a better future.

Within this extensive 460 page tome covering fashion, beauty, music, art and culture, readers will find profiles on such design visionaries as Karla Špetić, Ryunosuke Okazaki, Jimmy D and As Yet Unnamed, alongside the promising young blood Australian graduate designers from The Innovators runway show.

Preorders will take 2-3 weeks to arrive due to general COVID19 delays, you will receive a shipping notification when it is on its way to you.


  • Aaron VIII
  • Amelia Lee
  • Anastasia Schas
  • Chantelle Kemkemian
  • Chiho Hatae
  • Chisato Chris Arai
  • Chris Coonrod
  • Chris Lorimer
  • David James
  • Dauntless
  • Dean Tirkot
  • Derek Makishima
  • Elijah El-Kahale
  • Elizabeth Milstead
  • Emma Cotterill
  • George Tsoutas
  • Geltech Network
  • Jesse-Leigh Elford
  • Jesse Wakenshaw
  • Jessica Yang
  • Jimmy D
  • Jonathan Hallam
  • Juri Billy
  • Karin Karas
  • Karla Špetić
  • Kayleigh June
  • Kazuoki Yasugi
  • Kid Fiction
  • Kizen
  • Kylie Joo
  • Lachlan Wignall
  • Lexi Laphor
  • Lorella Giannini
  • Matthew Jensen
  • Meiri Inaba
  • Myles Pritchard
  • Natalie Krim
  • Sally and Emily Gunawan
  • Sarah Laidlaw
  • Simone Taylor
  • Seung Rok
  • Susanna Oinonen
  • Takto Ando
  • Tarek Moukaddem
  • Teri
  • Tiarna Herczeg
  • Tomasz Sierakowski
  • Tracy Terashima
  • Trophie
  • WCB
  • Yana Yao
  • Yume Takakura
  • Zotti Alejandro

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