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Shlynn – Golden Orb

PINNK:MIX01 - American-Dutch DJ Shlynn for the first episode of PINNK:MIX, dreamy ambient journey recorded while in isolation in Glasgow. Exclusive to PINNK MUSIC
  1. Future Sound of London – Appendage
  2. Yamenko – Glacial Heal Aid
  3. Electric Capablanca – The Genius of Mikhail Tal
    [Kit Records]
  4. Tangerine Dream – Sequent C
  5. Polygon Window – My Teapot
  6. Idra – People of Saigon
    [Pitch The Noise Records]
  7. Electric Capablanca – Zugzwang
    [Kit Records]
  8. Biosphere & Higher Intelligence Agency – Canon Hill
  9. Idra – Forest
    [Pitch The Noise Records]
  10. トレイル GUIDE – Secret Spot
    [Local Forest Society]
  11. Sun Pack – C.C.C.C. (feat. Whales)
  12. トレイル GUIDE – Flowing
    [Local Forest Society]
  13. Nayman – Enter The Oceanic Spirit
    [Perfect Wave Studio / B.Beach]
PINNK · PINNK:MIX 01 - SHLYNN - Golden Orb

PINNK welcomes American born & Dutch raised DJ Shlynn for our first episode of our new PINNK:MIX series, where we will feature curated guest mixes and playlists from our friends all over the world.

Shlynn brings us Golden Orb: a blissful hour of dreamy ambient soundscapes, recorded during isolation in Glasgow and originally aired on her radio show Eccentric Evolution, which streams monthly on Glasgow University radio Subcity.

Golden Orb is of course named after everybodies favourite Australian garden spider, in particular a 7 legged spider she encountered during her stay in Sydney, who she named Molly.

  • DJ: Shlynn
  • Photographer: Aaron VIII
  • Fashion: The Internatiiional
  • Beauty Editor: Mivia Massana
  • Hair: Adam Dyer

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