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…and the sky is a hazy shade of winter

I always loved winter! It was the coldest season of the year that brought some peace to our unhinged family. Feeling trapped and alienated in the mind alteration that was my childhood, the Christmas days offered solace; with my parents gone for church duties, I thoroughly enjoyed my time alone. Staring at the coloured tree lights made the outside world slowly subdue, while the radio played Marvin Gaye and the Human League. In January, I wandered the snow-covered streets and frozen ditches, like a Holden Caulfield persona wondering what was happening to the ducks on the pond. Snow was a strength; it forced society to its knees, brought normal life to a halt. That impressed me; there was something magical about it. The snow protected me.

This is my love letter to the winter. A short film made on the snowiest day of this new year, named after the Simon & Garfunkel song “Hazy Shade of Winter” (later honourably covered by the Bangles). It’s unsurpassed how this duo was able to transform melancholy into such subversive and intelligent words. Give those men a poetry prize, now! “Hazy” is a bittersweet song about a depressed poet wondering about his life and achievements. Basically, it’s a timeless song about every artist out there. We creative people love to drown in misery, and drink our vodka and lime at times (everyday). “Funny how my memory skips, while looking over manuscripts” they sing halfway the song, and it impeccably describes the fine line we walk between creativity and personal life: as an artist you observe, you analyse, you polarise. And sometimes you just let the unearthly guide you, let a force lift you up and let the magic do its work. Such a phenomenon occurred last week, February 15th. Just for a few hours late at night, the gods took over control and covered us in white. The melancholic film director felt like a child again.

  • Filmmaker: Edwin Brienen
  • Soundtrack: Coil

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